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LANEF - Laboratoire d’Alliances Nanosciences-Energies du Futur

for the future


Welcome to LANEF

LANEF is a ‘Laboratoire d’Excellence’ or “Labex” that associates six fundamental research labs based in Grenoble: Institut Néel, IRIG, G2Elab, LNCMI, LPMMC and LiPhy.

It enhances synergies across research teams, strengthens education through research, deepens connections with R&D partners, and structures international collaborations. Its strategic funding actions allow for the organisation of scientific events and the acquisition of specific equipment and offers new opportunities for students and high-level scientists to join this vibrant scientific community.


You are a student

Grenoble hosts one of the most dynamic ecosystems in France for higher education training, research, and innovation. Located in the heart of the French Alps, Grenoble is also a cosmopolitan city recognized for many cultural, social, and sporting activities.