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The current scientific and technical director of LANEF is Dr Olivier Buisson.

He is responsible for the renewed project, running till the autumn of 2024, which was evaluated and approved by an international committee, under the auspices of the “Plan Investissement d’Avenir”.

LANEF was initiated by Dr Joël Cibert in 2011 and coordinated by him up to 2019.

Steering committee

The steering committee (comité de pilotage or COPIL), chaired by the director of the Labex, meets about ten times a year to prepare the actions and the budget and to discuss other LANEF affairs.

It is the core of LANEF, and ensures pro-active coaching of scientific events, while guiding the preparation of funding calls for Chairs of Excellence, PhDs and equipment. It is composed of typically 20 members with complementary expertise overlapping the five challenges and the three specific actions of LANEF (education, exploitation of results, international outreach).

Steering committee members

Board of directors

The board of directors comprises the directors of the 6 labs and is chaired by the LANEF director.

Its role is to propose specific actions and to examine the actions proposed by the steering committee, and to take all final decisions.

Annual council

An annual council responsible for strategic orientation gathers representatives of the universities/organizations and the ANR, and the board of the 6 senior scientific advisors. It is chaired by the UGA. It comprises scientific presentations by the grantees, general and organisational presentations, a discussion with the LANEF director.

National and international scientific advisors

A group of 7 advisors examines applications for equipment grants and participates in the annual council.

In addition, they – and other international experts – act as external referees for the selection of PhDs and chairs-of-excellence.

The board members are:

  • Roberta Citro (University of Salerno),
  • Valentina Emiliani (Institut de la Vision, Paris-Sorbonne),
  • Philippe Lebrun (CERN-Geneva),
  • Jérôme Lesueur (ESPCI-Paris),
  • Xavier Marie (INSA-Toulouse),
  • Stefan Mollov (Mitsubishi Electric R&D-Rennes), and
  • Bernard Plaçais (LPENS-Paris).

Administrative support

  • Financial manager: Yohan Milin (NEEL).
  • Administration: Laurence Detroyat-Dit-Perron (NEEL).