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Strengthening international collaborations

LANEF stimulates and reinforces international collaborations with academic research institutions having significant scientific overlap, with actions ranging from the organisation of seminal workshops through to funding of joint PhD fellowships. Below are some typical examples.


During the last five years, the collaboration with the Tsukuba scientific community was strongly developed,  from on one  side with the NIMS (National Institute of Material Sciences) national lab thanks to the creation of an LIA (Laboratoire International Associé) which finished at the end of the last year, and, on the other hand, with the university of Tsuluba thanks to three structural actions :

  • at the research level, the creation in 2016 -by the university of Tsukuba- of a new research lab including three invited professors from Grenoble, in order to develop atomic scale  processing for electronic devices made of wide bandgap semiconductors such as diamond, nitrides semiconductors and gallium oxides. More specifically, an atomic layer etching process was already achieved for GaN thanks to an RIE plasma machine provided by Air-Liquid labs in Japan.
  • a co-tutelle PhD program between the university of Tsukuba and university Grenoble-Alps. Six PhD students already defended their double-doctorat thesis, and seven are working actually on their research subject. By covering the trips of the Grenoble’ students to Japan, together with the missions to Tsukuba of their supervisors, the LANEF organization participated strongly to the success of this program.
  • a double degree Master between the master of applied physics and the one of material engineering from univ.Tsukuba side, and the Polytech engineering diploma  and the master of nanosciences and nanotechnologies from UGA side. More than twenty students have benefited from this joined program for the last years, the overcost for the Grenoble students being supported by a contract with Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region.


Barcelona is a very lively research city, of similar size as Grenoble in terms of number of research centers. Thematically, various research topics developed in Barcelona are in common with the research performed in the LANEF laboratories, from fundamental physics to material science, covering all LANEF research challenges, ie Quantum Materials, Nanophysics and Quantum Engineering, Electrical Energy, Sensors for Life Science & Healthcare, and New frontiers in cryogenics. LANEF researchers are already in contact or in collaboration with more than ten laboratories or research centers in Barcelona.


The first Grenoble-Barcelona twin conference has been organized in 2019 in Grenoble and has gathered more than 130 participants on four sessions devoted to quantum systems, new materials, smart energy and magnetism, as detailed on the conference web site



Ongoing and planned actions include a second conference to be held in Barcelona, mobility of students and researchers, participation to common international calls and forstering of collaborations among the Barcelona research laboratories and the  LANEF ones.