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The Graduate School of University Grenoble Alpes

Relying on the 6 academic divisions, the Graduate School of University Grenoble Alpes will ensure a transversal structuration of research-based teaching at UGA. Its missions are to support the initiatives involving several programs or several academic divisions; develop the visibility of the teaching offer, support the communication and contribute to the attractiveness of UGA’s teaching offer; support internationalisation.


The UGA Graduate School will support a series of thematic programs promoting the development of our strengths or the emergence of promising research-based training curricula. At the beginning of the project, 15 such thematic programs have been identified. Among them, the “Quantum” program is starting with strong links with LANEF.

The Quantum program will set up a coordinated training program, closely linked to research laboratories. It will strengthen, from Master level, the integration of the students within research groups in Grenoble related to quantum range from quantum materials (bulk, nanostructures and 2D systems), quantum information devices, quantum calculation and metrology (semiconducting, superconducting, molecular or optical Qubits), quantum sensors or more complex systems and hardware developments for quantum information processing.