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Education through research is a central action of LANEF.

Thus LANEF supports educational initiatives at the pre-doctoral and doctoral level, with PhD grant programs, financial support for in-lab practicals and international schools. LANEF promotes the international visibility and attractiveness of the Grenoble syllabus, and strives to strengthen links between research and education. In turn, through common scientific and educational initiatives, LANEF fosters synergy between its partners.

PhD Programs

LANEF’s successful PhD program has already financed over 50 PhD grants covering a wide range of topics such as many-body quantum optics with superconducting circuits, quantum dot junctions, Majorana modes, nano-optomechanical force field sensor, nonlinear plasmonic structures, spin-orbit materials, 3D spintronics, frustrated magnets, superconducting graphene, production of pellets of solid hydrogen, miniaturisation of space cryocoolers, graphene bioelectronics, diamond transistors, innovative solar cells and hard magnetic materials. Experimental investigations as well as theoretical modeling and computational physics are covered.

PhD secondments

Inspired by our affiliated Quantum Engineering program and aiming at fostering research and industrial partnership within its ecosystem, LANEF recently introduced an initiative for private-sector secondments of PhD students. The secondments allow PhD students, including those working on very fundamental projects, to gain work experience in a factory or an R&D lab, thus increasing their awareness of opportunities in the private sector.

International Schools

Motivated by its policy to promote education through research as well as the attractiveness of its ecosystem, LANEF provides financial support to a number of international schools deemed relevant. Over the years, some very successful schools such as ESONN, HERCULES, ESM, inMRAM and Frontiers of Condensed Matter have become must-attend events.

Practicals in the labs

Our most important action to attract Master students towards research, is our in-lab practical program, which  is now co-funded by the Education and Research Department (UFR) Phitem of UGA. This program, which funds equipment, was developed with the input of an engineer hired for 1.5 years by LANEF.

Thematic program ” Quantum “

Inside the Graduate School of University Grenoble Alpes, the thematic program “Quantum” is starting with strong links with LANEF.


The Quantum program will set up a coordinated training program, closely linked to research laboratories. It will strengthen, from Master level, the integration of the students within research groups in Grenoble related to quantum range from quantum materials (bulk, nanostructures and 2D systems), quantum information devices, quantum calculation and metrology (semiconducting, superconducting, molecular or optical Qubits), quantum sensors or more complex systems and hardware developments for quantum information processing.