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Research axes and tools

This challenge gathers the Grenoble community working on nanoscale electronics, spintronics, and photonics. The research activities cover a broad range of fields such as quantum electronics devices, 2D materials, quantum computing, magnetic nanostructures, non-volatile memories, magnetic sensors, light-energy conversion, integrated optics on silicon, quantum optics devices. In particular, fundamental studies aim at discovering new phenomena emerging or enhanced by confinement in low dimensional systems. The final objectives are to bring new functionalities to information and communication technologies, and to establish strategic collaborations with R&D and industrial partners such as CEA LETI, ST Microelectronics, Crocus Technology…


Interested in any of these actions within LANEF? Please, feel to contact us:


H. Sellier, C. Chapelier, C. Bäuerle (Quantum Nano-Electronics)

V. Baltz, S. Pizzini (Spintronics and Nano-Magnetism)

J. Claudon, R. André (Photonics and Semiconductors)