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The exploitation of the results of the Labex corresponds to two different, complementary aspects, directly linked to the two main objectives:

  • to obtain additional funding thanks to the improved synergy between the laboratories and a greater international visibility
  • to strengthen the links with local and regional companies


The creation of a spin-off company is a long and difficult process. Among the large number of spin-offs created by scientists from labs within LANEF, 4 directly benefited from its support.

PhD Secondments

Inspired by our affiliated Quantum Engineering program and aiming at fostering research and industrial partnership within its ecosystem, LANEF recently introduced an initiative for private-sector secondments of PhD students. The secondments allow PhD students, including those working on very fundamental projects, to gain work experience in a factory or an R&D lab, thus increasing their awareness of opportunities in the private sector.

Trainings, events and seminars with and for the industry

The LANEF aims to foster short loops between fundamental and applied research, and to bridge the gap between the academic and industrial world. It provides a unique opportunity for the Industry to be informed and/or educated. Therefore, this action enables the listeners to gain business advantage, from seminars or conferences covering key industry interest, to courses and workshops with specific technical programs.


LANEF helps to identify and prepare proposals suitable for calls for scientific projects. Hence, the labex has been strongly involved in the successful funding of several projects on:

In parallel and interwoven with GreQue, the LANEF has contributed to the creation of the QuEnG cross-disciplinary programme, funded by the Idex-UGA that aims to foster a pluridisciplinary ecosystem for quantum technologies.

At last, the LANEF actions contributes to ambitious proposals for national calls (ANR, Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes) such as 2D transformers.