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The new LANEF project will enforce interlabex and
cross-disciplinary collaborations within the integrated UGA.

These actions will concern several Labex with a strong complementary expertise such as MINOS (quantum engineering, 2D materials, Si/Ge nanowires, photonic devices and high power electronics), FOCUS (IR and microwave detectors), CEMAM (Materials), TEC21 (devices), GRAL (molecule structures) and ARCANE (chemistry).


Cross-disciplinary actions are currently developed along three directions:

  • Quantum Engineering involves three research departments (Physics, Engineering and Materials (PEM), the Mathematics, Information and Communication Sciences (MSTIC) and Humanities and social sciences (SHS)) but also R&D (CEA-DRT-LETI) and private companies.
  • ECO Sesa gathers teams from physics, electrical engineering, social science and economy, urbanism and architecture around the theme of smart energies in urban districts.
  • Need for IoT which works towards anticipating and supporting a sustainable transition in nano-electronicsindustries.