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Quantum engineering is a novel domain of research, built on fundamental research carried out in the last 20 years all over the world.

Quantum technologies offer radically new materials and devices for the next century, in sectors such as security, energy, communications, or healthcare. To transform such disruptive scientific concepts into real life benefits it is crucial to develop research aiming at higher technology readiness levels. To ensure that Europe takes the leadership in this coming quantum revolution, we must train next generation quantum engineers, by offering doctoral training in interconnected domains with the highest scientific standards, while equally providing an opening to the industrial world.


Grenoble is world renowned for its fundamental research institutes in condensed matter physics, nanosciences, computer sciences & mathematics as well as its high-tech innovative companies ranging from local start-ups to multinational groups. Grenoble area hosts 25 000 academic and industrial researchers, and more than 60 000 students.


Grenoble’s ecosystem is ranked within the top 5 innovative cities in nanotechnologies worldwide and 1st in Europe.